How can I send my photographs to Restoring Your Past?

If you already have the photograph scanned, then you can either attach the image to an email and

send it to, or if the image is larger than your email provider will allow,

you can use the file upload page under the "About" tab on the website. If you don't have access to a

scanner, or would rather I scan the image for you, the photograph can be posted to

Restoring Your Past at the address below:

Grant M Kemp

Restoring Your Past

69 Widley Road, Stamshaw

Portsmouth, Hampshire PO2 8PW

You should always send precious photographs that you cannot replace by Recorded Delivery,

your photograph will be returned the same way in a cardboard backed envelope, with the postage

costs added to your final invoice.

If you are in the Portsmouth area I can arrange to pick up the photograph from your home,

or as some of my clients prefer meet at any of the excellent Portsmouth Libraries.


If I send you my photograph by post,

will it be damaged or altered while you work on it?

Absolutely not. Your photograph will be handled carefully, and once scanned it will be kept

in a light and moisture proof box before being returned to you in the same state it was received in.


If I email you my phone number could you call me back to discuss the work I would like done?

Yes, I understand that some clients would rather not call a mobile number, and I will always call a client if they require help or advice that they may find difficult to explain in an email. To ask for a call back, just email your telephone number, and the time you would like me to call to:


I want to upload my images via your website, what file formats do you support?

During my professional career I have always worked for companies that dealt with files produced with whatever software the client worked with, I am able to use any file format that you can supply, but I offer free helpful advice via email or phone if you need any guidance. The files that I return to you will be converted to whatever format you need for photo-lab printing, web use, litho print, or whatever you specify.


How do you work out your cost for completing the work?

The final charge is arrived at purely based on the time it takes to complete the project. Corrections and changes to parts of the image that you may be unhappy with are NOT charged for, and preparing the file to the exact resolution and file format for your chosen print method is also done completely FREE of CHARGE.


What file format will the completed image be?

The finished photograph will be in whatever format you need to print your image at any specified size. If for instance you require a 10x8 file for a local photo-lab, I will supply you with a 300dpi RGB jpeg file, and in the exact size, so that you won't have to ask the terminal at the photo-lab to do anything but print it. You can tell me what you would like to do with the finished file, and I will advise you on file formats, and resolution, via email or phone.


What happens if I am unhappy with the proof that you send to me?

The goal of Restoring Your Past is 100% customer satisfaction. A watermarked proof is sent to you for approval, and if you are unhappy with any aspect of the work, amendments and alterations are carried out without further charge until you are completely satisfied. A Paypal invoice is only sent once you approve the proof.


What happens if I accidentally delete or lose the finished file that you send to me?

I have a large amount of local (Hard Drive), and cloud based storage, I keep your files as long as possible (space permitting), and all jobs are kept under unique reference numbers which means they can always be found quickly. As stated clearly on this site, none of your personal information is ever kept with any images that are stored by Restoring Your Past.


Can you replace missing areas of the photograph?

Yes, most parts of an image can be recreated, nearly all of the many examples shown on this site demonstrate missing or damaged areas replaced, as well as backgrounds recreated to complete a picture if people or objects have been removed.


What if I want to change the colours used in a black and white or sepia to colour project?

This is no problem at all, I save every file periodically, and in separate layers. If you want to change one particular colour, darken or lighten it, this can be done quickly, and without starting the job from scratch.


Can I return to a previous version of a proof, if I change my mind?

Yes all working stages are kept, so it's easy to return to any stage of the restoration or editing process without the need to start all over again. The working files for any image project are stored with the original scan, and the completed file. The web page: Your Files under the about tab explains how your files are handled and stored responsibly.


Will you use my files on any other site without my permission?

Absolutely not, every image on this site is used with full permission of the owners, and subjects or are copyright free.

If you have any concerns that aren't answered here I am always available by email or phone for free helpful advice on any service listed on this site.

Send your photos to be restored Portsmouth

Frequently Asked Questions

Send your photos to be restored Portsmouth
Send your photos to be restored Portsmouth
Photo Restoration, Restoring Old Photos, Repairing Photos, Colourising Photos, Colour Tinting Photos, Photoshop, Altering Images, Editing Photos, Portsmouth
Photo Restoration, Restoring Old Photos, Repairing Photos, Colourising Photos, Colour Tinting Photos, Photoshop, Altering Images, Editing Photos, Portsmouth
Photo Restoration, Restoring Old Photos, Repairing Photos, Colourising Photos, Colour Tinting Photos, Photoshop, Altering Images, Editing Photos, Portsmouth